Sperm Donation Process

Our step-by-step guide breaks down the sperm donation process into 6 simple steps.

1. Apply Online

The process starts by completing our online application form of basic questions and contact information.

2. Donation Information Pack

Our Donor Bank Team will contact you and send you a sperm donation information pack, including a medical questionnaire which is then checked by our clinic teams and a doctor.

3. Semen Analysis

You will be booked in for a semen analysis, so we can check that your sperm meets the criteria for donation. Your sample will then be tested to make sure that it can withstand the freezing, thawing and donation process.

4. Consultation and Counselling

You will attend a consultation with a doctor and a counsellor to discuss your application and the implications of donating.

5. Freezing, Screening and Testing

You will need to provide a sperm sample for freezing and have a blood test. These will be tested and screened. This process is used to identify any medical conditions.

6. Donation

You will attend multiple sperm production appointments (approx. 10- 15 visits) in our private andrology rooms. Throughout this process, repeat screenings will be carried out at different intervals.

After this, a doctor will sign you off as a TFP donor and you will receive your accrued expenses. Your donor characteristics will then be logged and made available to potential recipients. For more information on the sperm donation process, check out our FAQs.

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